The HSRSX Mobile Garbage Bin Wash is primarily designed to wash the internals of Mobile Garbage Bins and capture the runoff water, storing it in a tank located under the tray. The unit is fitted with a battery isolation switch to disable the use of the hydraulic lifter. The pressure circuit is fitted with function selection valves to choose between hand lance for external bin washing and fixed mounted jets for internal bin washing.

The internal jets are fitted with on/off valves that allow the operator to select either / both LHS or RHS jets, and proportionally increase or decrease the flow rate to either or both internal jets. The hand lance is connected to a 20m high pressure water hose reel. The pressure washer is also fitted with a “chemical” storage and suction line for the use of detergent whilst operating, either the hand lance or the internal washer jets. A hydraulically operated, electrically controlled MGB Bin Lifter is fitted to the rear of the vehicle unit. The bin lifter is suitable to lift 120, 240, 360, 660 & 1100L MGB primarily plastic in design.

The bin lifter is fitted with a hydraulic bin clamp to ensure the bin does not dislodge during high pressure washing. The aluminium canopy at the rear of the unit is designed to protect the operator from high pressure water spray, an operator viewing window is fitted to the Nearside of the canopy to allow the operator to view the cleaning process safely. The 300L clean water tank has a fill point that is accessible from aground height. The clan water tank is fitted with a low water cut out switch to ensure the system cannot run dry.

Features and Functions

The HSRSX MGB wash unit is fitted with the following main components

  • Battery Isolation switch
  • Honda Electric Start Petrol Pressure unit
  • 12-volt Hydraulic Power unit
  • MGB hydraulic bin lifter
  • Operators Hand Lance
  • 20m Hose Reel and Hose
  • 300 L Water Tank and Low-pressure feed pump
  • Bin Wash Alloy Cover fitted with Operators viewing panel
  • Dirty water storage tank
  • Chemical Storage and suction hose
  • Clean water storage tank fill point

Honda Pressure Washer with 300L tank

Hydraulic Power Unit

Hydraulic Bin Lifter